Zafira is Java-based web application that accumulates test automation results and increases the transparency of QA automation process. D3JS-based widgets with high flexibility of configuration allows to represent test results in different ways according to your companies processes.



Configurable dashboards based on D3JS

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Real-time test results

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Integrations with multiple services

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Installation steps

Simple set with Docker

  1. Install Docker (Engine, Compose)
  2. Download Example of compose descriptor and Example of integrations to any folder
  $ curl -o docker-compose.yml
  $ curl -o integrations.env
  1. Deploy Zafira using docker-compose within the same folder
  $ docker-compose up

To start Zafira in daemon mode, add ā€˜-dā€™ argument:

  $ docker-compose up -d
  1. Open in your browser IP address of deployed enviroment at port 8080
  $ http://localhost:8080/zafira
  1. Use next login/pass for access: qpsdemo/qpsdemo.


Regardles of Zafira client language you have yo generate zafira_access_token first, to do that navigate to Username > My profile in top menu and generate new access token.

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Languages supported


Code - Apache Software License v2.0

Documentation and Site - Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License