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Zafira is a central automation reporting system that is built on the top of Java Spring Framework. It dramatically increases the transparency of test automation results and provides better understanding of product quality. Qaprosoft team is developing Zafira based on more than 10-years expertise in quality assurance and we strongly believe that your QA/Dev engineers and managers will love it!

Zafira was initially designed to track automation progress of the tests written using Carina automation framework but you are capable to integrate Zafira client into your own automation tool. We are actively developing clients for different languages and frameworks but still looking for active community to provide better support.

Primary features

  • Real-time test results tracking via websockets
  • VNC streaming and video recording of test sessions
  • Flexibly configured widgets and dashboards based on D3JS
  • User management with authorization policies
  • Integration with TestRail and JIRA
  • Integration with Hipchat and Slack
  • Ability to compose automation reports and send via email
Configurable dashboards Integrations with multiple services
Real-time test results Live streaming and video recording
Comparison of test runs Test issues tracking